Audio File Downloads

These are all four-channel B-Format ambisonic files. They can be played and decoded in the  free “3DAudioScape Decoder”

“The Magic Hour”. Complied from material produced for an event with Max Eastley in Oxford Botanical Gardens, September 2008.


“Ice Landingl”

“Mr Shroomly”


“The Search”

“Into The Frame”. Except from installation at Red Gallery, February 2014.

The following are by Clayton/Perry.

Produced and mixed by Pressure Zone at Immersive Audio Ltd. Studios, London, using 3DAudioScape.

Numerous ambisonic recordings are available at

Downloads are BitTorrent files. BitTorrent is then used to download the actual audio files.

These are .amb files, and are not directly playable by 3DAudioScape.

Audacity can be used to translate these to .aif or .wav files, which are playable.